AbCF acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we work and live and pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging and celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of all Communities. AbCF acknowledges, respects and honours Indigenous peoples vital role in caring for country in the past and stress the importance of this continued practice into the future.
WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers please be aware that content on this website may contain images, voices and or names of people who have passed away.


Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) is a 100% Aboriginal owned not-for-profit established in 2010 to create economic independence for First Nations peoples through a variety of innovative solutions, including carbon farming opportunities and cultural fire credits.

We employ knowledge and expertise across a variety of sectors to empower and uplift First Nations communities across the country to fulfill their aspirations and dreams for community and country.

(AbCF) catalyses life-changing, community prosperity and social and emotional health and wellbeing for First Nations people across the country, combining ancient cultural traditions and practices with cutting-edge science to empower First Nations people to take power back into their own hands.
AbCF uses an empowerment model designed to close the gap in Indigenous health and wellbeing by connecting mob to country and building holistic social, emotional, and economic independence.

We know that Indigenous people’s spiritual and cultural connections are irrevocably tied to land and taking care of country. Despite the richness of these connections, and our commitment to closing the gap, the disadvantage continues.
Our people are heart sore, but strong. And we have the hope, wisdom and knowledge of thousands of years of our ancestors to guide us.

Here at AbCF, we combine our extensive cultural knowledge of taking care of country and expertise in community development to improve the lives of First Nations peoples around the country.

AbCF brings together Aboriginal lore, knowledge and science with cutting-edge technology to empower, uplift and inspire.

We walk in two worlds for the advancement of our mob.

We invite you to walk with us.


AbCF is a specialised team of predominantly First Nations and community development experts whose passion lies in creating a better future for Indigenous peoples across the country.

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Empowering Traditional Owners and other First Nations groups while building capacity through implementing carbon projects that demonstrate environmental, social, and cultural benefits.

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We proudly boast a strong culture of innovation and collaboration – placing Aboriginal culture, community, and lore at the forefront of everything we do.

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Our Aboriginal ancestors were some of the earliest pioneers of science and technology, and AbCF takes our lead from our first innovators.

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Brad Grogan

“An important part of my job is being able to reconnect our Elders back on country. Next year is the 150-year anniversary since our mob were taken away. And no-one’s ever been back out there to live, or to work until now. Until we’ve established this ranger program and the carbon project. And the carbon project is basically what gets us out there and funds us. It’s very important for our corporation, our country, and for our mob. Our connection with AbCF and the station owners have gone a long way to healing our spirits.”

Brad Grogan - CEO, Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation

First Nations Perspectives – Ancient Aboriginal Lore – Taking Care of Country

At the AbCF, we value Indigenous expertise and knowledge to solve Indigenous problems and issues. We believe that the only way to improve the lives of First Nations peoples is to put the power back into their hands. We do this through a strengths-based and community-driven cultural framework, supporting First Nations experts in land, lore and caring for country to develop their own models of care around the business they do.

Through the AbCF, Indigenous communities are supported to employ their own mob and pass on the expertise and cultural knowledge of their ancestors to take care of country.
AbCF supports carbon economies on Aboriginal lands, contributing to the sustainability of Indigenous communities and generating local jobs. Our carbon projects are based on traditional ecological knowledge and often led by Elders and other First Nations experts who facilitate the sharing of cultural knowledge and practices.

One of our aims is to support the transition of Indigenous communities out of the cycle of poverty and into financial independence, starting with emerging leaders passionate about taking care of country. Any returns allow us to invest in resources which immediately benefit the communities we are working with for the long term.

Our Values

Our vision is to empower and support First Nations peoples across the country to achieve their cultural and community goals.

We catalyse life-changing, community prosperity and social and emotional health and wellbeing for First Nations Peoples across the country, combining ancient cultural traditions and practices with cutting-edge science to empower mob to take power back into their own hands. We work on country with Traditional Owners, Elders and community mob to create better lives for First Nations peoples across the country.

Our office is anywhere from the red dirt of Western Yalanji Country in Cape York to the steps of Parliament House, and everywhere in between.

We connect Aboriginal communities with diverse opportunities, otherwise unavailable to them through a myriad of historical issues and government bureaucracy.

We pride ourselves on putting people and culture first, creating a unique way of working with and alongside mob for the creation of a better country for our first nations people, and a better world for all First Nations peoples. Contact us for more information.

Our Vision

Ancient Cultural Lore meets cutting-edge technology

At the AbCF, our greatest strength has always been our cultural knowledge and passion for our people. We are driven to improve the lives of First Nations people across the country – combining ancient cultural lore and knowledge with the latest technology.

We operate on the cutting edge of ideas and community-based solutions. We bring people together who have the desire to achieve outcomes that tackles Indigenous poverty and climate change, through a strengths-based approach.

We have a national presence and are driven by a commitment to fulfill our vision and achieve meaningful and long-term outcomes and solutions for mob.

Our Strengths

Empowering Mob

As First Nations experts in community development and champions of Indigenous innovation, we actively encourage and empower mob to develop and take part in existing innovative business models, such as carbon farming and cultural fire credits, to leverage their expertise for commercial purposes.
Most importantly, any revenue generated through these ventures goes straight back into the community to support and empower their efforts to take power back into their own hands.

Through knowledge sharing and learning, some of the direct benefits to mob of partnering with the AbCF include:

  • Elders sharing traditional ecological knowledge with young people
  • Protection of Rock Art and Sacred Sites
  • Meaningful employment aligning with the interest and values of Traditional Owners
  • Contribution to increased pride and self-esteem of Aboriginal people
  • Enhancing the quality of life for First Nations Australians

AbCF considers Traditional Owners, Elders and other First Nations Leaders the experts in the empowerment of their own lives. We operate in a space where we stand beside community to empower, uplift and support them in their journey towards taking power back into their own hands. By honouring cultural lore, AbCF has created a unique way to combine Aboriginal Community Development, cutting-edge technology and science with ancient Aboriginal lore and culture. We believe that our ‘culture first’ approach leads to meaningful and long-term change for the communities we work alongside.

Building New Cycles of Empowerment


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