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Carbon summit haiku 2015

The annual summit haiku is back collecting interesting statements and messages from the CMI Emissions Reduction Summit in Melbourne 5-6 May 2015:

Womin jeka (welcome).

We are all in this together.

We used to have 6 seasons but now it’s all out of whack.

Take the time to connect to each other.

Paris needs to speak of boosting shared prosperity and reducing carbon.

74 countries and 23 states and over a 1000 businesses support carbon pricing.

There are 5 trends driving decarbonisation.

Small PV (photovoltaics) is an unstoppable force.

The Aboriginal Carbon Fund stall takes shape

We don’t own Qantas, we are just temporary custodians for future generations.

To see such a weak ineffective proposal made me furious.

We cannot shift the entire responsibility of achieving emissions reductions on to the budget.

Climate change is not a flavour of the month trend.

Wind turbines and solar plants look better in photos than soil carbon projects.

More than half of ERF abatement scheduled will be delivered before 2020.

The ERF is like a Russian doll with lots of layers.

Not immediately apparent when the secondary market will appear.

President Obama is totally committed to climate action.

The French are bringing business leaders into the conversation.

All eyes are on Australia.

There is a willing coalition for terrorism with all main players. Want to build a similar coalition for climate change.

UNFCCC the only game in town as frustrating as it might be.

If Paris delivers, we are on the cusp.

Restoring the balance from before the industrial revolution in support of 9 billion people.

Why is China doing this? They have this habit of breathing the air.

Paris is a broad highway with many different lanes but everyone can get to the same destination.

Very important to hear the Australian voice.

Australia is committed and will its part to achieve the 2 degree goal.

The ERF auction result was a stunning outcome.

I am not seeking any additional funding in the budget because we will achieve our target within the budget.

Australia will meet and beat our commitments for Kyoto.

SA royal commission a chance to have a real debate about nuclear future.

Voluntary markets cannot be the total solution for projects like in the Kimberley.

Prior to colonization Australia was a managed landscape.

Savanna burning important in the context of viability of remote communities.

Benefits not co-benefits!

If the government can get out of the way a bit and let business lead.

Over $500m committed to divestment in Australia.


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