The Reducing Carbon Building Communities (RCBC) Fund is the commercial trading arm of the AbCF. It trades Australian Carbon Credit Units with environmental, social and cultural values, contributing to the community building purpose of the AbCF.

The RCBC Fund has been established with advice from Baker McKenzie’s Global Environmental and Climate Change practice and with the financial support of the State Government. It connects corporations, businesses and institutions that are carbon neutral or are offsetting their climate impacts with Australian Carbon Credit Units that have certified environmental, social and cultural values.

Partnering with the RCBC Fund is a cost-effective way to invest in rural farming economies, support Indigenous communities, and tackle climate change. The RCBC Fund pays carbon farmers above ERF prices for carbon credits with certified social and environmental outcomes.

If you’re looking to invest in ethically sourced carbon credit units, the RCBC Fund is the best choice. For more information, visit the RCBC Fund website.

“It can be a challenge in the modern world to apply your values in a way that supports Indigenous people, farmers and the environment. People and corporations are looking for authentic outcomes and value for money. The RCBC Fund enables purpose to those values.”


By supporting Aboriginal carbon farmers, you’re acting on climate change and strengthening Aboriginal communities.

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Buying our carbon credits is a simple, yet effective way you can make a positive impact on the planet, and the everyday lives of people in Aboriginal and remote communities.

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The environmental, social and cultural values are certified through a formal, peer-to-peer standard.

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Our projects deliver core benefits to country and community. This includes employment, a sense of pride, creating a legacy of inter-generational wealth and more.

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Competitive pricing above ERF (not lowest cost abatement)
Upfront cash payment terms
Secure pipeline of Australian Carbon Credit Units
Independent verification of environmental, social and cultural core-benefits
Inter-generational wealth creation
Cost effective on-stop-shop to support: *Reconciliation Action Plans *Corporate Social Responsibility Goals, and *UN Sustainability Development Goals
Access to a variety of projects selling Australian Carbon Credit Units in many locations, throughout Australia
The opportunity to make a positive contribution to action on climate change and indigenous disadvantage.
A rewarding way to enhance staff morale and your organisation’s social purpose
Training at national industry level
Marketing and media services

AbCF attended the Carbon Market Institute Summit in Melbourne in May 2018 where the Reducing Carbon Building Communities Fund was launched. Since its inception on 12 April 2018, and subsequent launch, the RCBC Fund has seen positive uptake and acceptance by other carbon industry leaders, the Queensland State Government and corporate partners.

RCBC Fund Was Launched in 2018


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