AbCF acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we work and live and pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging and celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of all Communities. AbCF acknowledges, respects and honours Indigenous peoples vital role in caring for country in the past and stress the importance of this continued practice into the future.
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Past Events


2022 National Landcare Conference / Sydney, Australia / Aug 23 - 25

Rowan was a speaker at the 2022 National Landcare Conference, Emerging Environmental Markets for Landcare Panel more info...


Garma Festival 2022 / Gulkula, Arnhem Land, Australia / Jul 29 - 1

Rowan was a speaker at the 2022 Garma Key Forum. more info...


World Symposium on Social Responsibility and Sustainability / Edinburgh, United Kingdom / Jun 27 - 29

Rowan will deliver a presentation on Indigenous Verification Standards for Environmental, Social and Cultural Values


Carbon Market Institute Industry Summit / Melbourne, Australia / May 1 - 2

The Aboriginal Carbon Fund are Gold Sponsors of the 2018 Carbon Market Institute Summit. This year the focus is on the Reducing Carbon, Building Communities Fund.


Developing Northern Australia Conference / Alice Springs, Australia / Jun 18 - 19

Rowan spoke about the Reducing Carbon Building Communities Fund


vivid Sustainability Session / Sydney, Australia / Jun 15

Rowan spoke as the ‘Indigenous Innovator’


Native Title Conference / Broome, Australia / Jun 6 - 7

Lisa and Rowan spoke about Core Benefit Strategy


Pilot Training / Mapoon, Australia / May 14 - 17

Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers piloted the Carbon Farming course developed by Aboriginal Carbon Fund, Centre for Appropriate Technologies and Caritas Australia


Savanna burning workshop / Darwin, Australia / Feb 27 - 28

Rowan spoke about training and I spoke about Core Benefit Strategy in separate sessions


developing northern Australia conference / Cairns, Australia / Jun 19 - 20

Rowan will try and put carbon farming on the northern Australia map. Can we do it this year?


Canada tour Vancouver / Vancouver, Canada / Jun 11 - 17

Rowan and Barry met with the British Columbia First Nations Mining and Energy Council and other groups to discuss Indigenous carbon policy and building an Indigenous carbon investment fund.


NATIVE TITLE CONFERENCE / Townsville, Australia / Jun 5 - 7

Barry took part in the NTC this year in Townsville


Australian emissions reduction summit / Melbourne, Australia / May 1 - 3

AbCF again sponsored the summit and hosted a session paving the way for Indigenous carbon farmers in Australia.


Kowanyama site visit / Kowanyama, Australia / Apr 4 - 5

Jeremy and Rowan joined the Oriners & Sefton project team to plot the future and get the 2017 program underway.


QLD indigenous ranger workshop / Cairns, Australia / Mar 9

Our new Cairns Office lead Barry Hunter took the floor to outline AbCF support for carbon farming in the Cape.


Top End Workshops / Northen Territory, Australia / Mar 6 - 23

The AbCF team hit the road with NAILSMA to answer those curly carbon farming questions. Borroloola, Jabiru and Wadeye visited to spread the gospel.



Peter tuned his banking experience at this entrepreneurial workshop helping to set up the Indigenous entrepreneurs of the future.


ABCF STRATEGIC PLANNING / Cairns, Australia / Jan 31 - 2

The AbCF annual gathering in Cairns to reflect on journeys and plot the way forward in 2017.


CAPE YORK REGIONAL FIRE FORUM / Cairns, Australia / Dec 7 - 8

Jeremy presented at this all-in Cape York fire forum that brought together all practitioners and agencies across Cape York to talk fire management. Plenty of talk from traditional owners themselves and a talk on tenure by Jeremy himself. Here's the wrap from Cape York NRM.



Rowan went to the last session in Melbourne and spoke at the SDGA conference follow up aiming to stimulate action on the biggest social, environmental and economic challenges. Here's Rowan on investing in Aboriginal carbon farming in the lead-up.



The AbCF team participated in this tour-de-force savanna forum that brought together key practitioners and agencies together to discuss the finer points of rolling out a savanna method for increasing the carbon stored in the land. Stay tuned for more!


TERRITORY NRM CARBON WORKSHOP / Darwin, Australia / Nov 22

Rowan led a lineup of carbon speakers at this half day forum at the Territory NRM conference in Darwin.


CMI MARRAKECH EVENT / Melbourne, Australia / Oct 24

Jeremy dusted off his memory of the internationals scene as the Carbon Market Institute gathered a forum of experts to take us through what to expect in Marrakech, Morocco in November.



Rowan headed to the coast to team up with the Carbon Market Institute as Queensland gears up for advancing their low carbon economy. AbCF has also arranged to offset the summit through the Kowanyama savanna burning project.


CAPE YORK WORKSHOPS / Cape York, Australia / Sep 12 - 16

The AbCF team combined with Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy to present carbon farming workshops in Weipa, Rokeby and Cooktown. The workshops were mainly pitched at new carbon farmers who took home a shiny poster explaining how it works and a new curiosity about managing land in markets.


SYDNEY tour / Sydney, Australia / Aug 10 - 12

owan and Peter really did go to the big smoke to meet a range of corporate players interested in Indigenous carbon.


blue carbon workshop / Canberra, Austraia / Jul 28

Jeremy attended an all in blue carbon workshop in Canberra. Blue carbon is bubbling along but there are still a lot of policy and science to go before a method might bubble to the surface. The hard thing (again) for Indigenous land is that it is largely intact and looked after.


NATIVE TITLE CONFERENCE 2016 / Darwin, Australia / Jun 1 - 3

Jeremy provided a legal alert at the Native Title Conference on the possible transition to a carbon storage method for savanna burning. Jeremy's and other presentations helped to keep carbon farming on the agenda in northern Australia.



AbCF again sponsored and took Aboriginal reps from Kowanyama and Kakadu to the national stage. For the bigger story of storming the summit visit our blog.


CAPE YORK SENIOR RANGER WORKSHOP / Kewarra Beach, Australia / Mar 8

Rowan attended this big meeting of rangers to talk about carbon farming and the Department of Environment project on optimising opportunities for Indigenous Australians in the ERF. Plenty of good ideas and feedback.


WILINGGIN FIELD TRIP / Kimberley, Australia / Feb 29 - 4

Jeremy visited Derby and Broome to unpack the Wilinggin story as part of the Department of Environment project on optimising opportunities for Indigenous Australians in the ERF and sit in on regional fire meetings as well.


MELB UNI SAVANNA AND CLIMATE SEMINAR / Melbourne, Australia / Feb 17

Jeremy participated in this traditional fire management panel session with keynotes from UN University and the Kimberley Land Council on savanna burning and issues in the Kimberley. Carbon farming lawyers activate!


AbCF Strategic planning / Cairns, Australia / Feb 5 - 6

The AbCF team gathered in Cairns to reflect on the journey so far and where we are heading in 2016. Was great to have the extended team of Rowan, Jeremy, Daryl and Peter together, along with Board member Allan. We all know each other better now!


barengi gadjin field trip / Horsham, Australia / Dec 10 - 11

Jeremy hit the road to visit land held by Barengi Gadjin Land Council and have a chat about carbon farming in western Victoria.


Paris cop21 / Paris, France / Nov 30 - 4

Rowan again helped take savanna stories of big smoke from down under all the way to Paris along with the Kimberley Land Council. Although not in Francais, you can read Rowan's story here.



Rowan combined time working on the Kakadu project with this CSIRO led workshop on the opportunities and lessons of working with indigenous fire knowledge in northern Australia.


CARBON ABATEMENT FORUM / Sydney, Australia / Oct 27 - 29

Rowan headed to the big smoke to talk about bigger smoke coming from northern Australian savanna burning projects.


Aurukun Fire fighting / Aurukun, Australia / Oct 22

With the late fires coming, Daryl assisted the project team on the ground to stop late season fires burning across Aurukun. Fighting late season fires is the new story.


cape york workshops / Laura, Australian / Sep 15 - 17

The Department of the Environment scheduled a well timed series of workshop on the ERF, savanna burning and pastoral opportunities. The AbCF rolled up in force, eager participants in all workshops with Jeremy also presenting on land tenure issues with a Queensland focus.


KAKADU ON COUNTRY TOUR / kakadu, Australia / Sep 7 - 11

Rowan was up in Kakadu country talking to Parks Australia and traditional owners about how a carbon project in Kakadu National Park might make sense. Further field will be required to bring everyone to the table.


AURUKUN ON COUNTRY TOUR / Aurukun, Australia / Jul 21 - 26

The dry is finally coming good in the Cape so it was the last chance to get out for the 2015 Aurukun burns. Lot of driving Daryl!



The humidity finally dropped and Daryl the burning machine headed out with the rangers on country to undertake the 2015 burns. Some nice cool burns to revive the country.


NATIVE TITLE CONFERENCE / Port Douglas, Australia / Jun 16 - 18

Rowan and Daryl attended the conference and tuned in to the land management themes on the table this year. Laura Dance Festival afterwards!


ERF WORKSHOP / Darwin, Australia / Jun 16

Rowan turned up for the Department of Environment's lessons and opportunities workshop in Darwin and to stand up for savanna projects in the north of Australia.



Daryl continued his fire tour to Laura for 'The Heat is On' fire workshop developed by Cape York Sustainable Futures. Daryl has been to nearly all the regional fire planning meetings! Way to go Daryl.


SAVANNA SIDE EVENT AT UNFCCC / Bonn, Germany / Jun 2 - 4

Rowan dusted off the fancy duds to present on behalf of traditional owners at the UNFCCC side event on savanna fire management at Bonn in Germany. Rowan practiced his German before departing but delivered his support for Australian fire expertise in images and English along with UN University.


QFES FIRE WORKSHOP / Weipa, Australia / Jun 4

Barely out of the saddle, Daryl is gone again to the regional fire planning workshop put on by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services at Musgrave Roadhouse at Weipa in the north of Cape York. With the increasing number of savanna projects, coordination is becoming a bigger issue.


AURUKUN ON COUNTRY TOUR / AURUKUN, australia / May 31 - 3

Non-stop Daryl headed out with the Aurukun rangers to work on similar burning and projects plans for 2015 and beyond for the Aurukun project.


oriners on country tour / kowanyama, australia / May 21 - 25

Daryl saddled up and went on country to work with the Kowanyama rangers to plan and develop burning and projects plans for 2015 and beyond.


university of melbourne guest lecture / melbourne, australia / May 14

Jeremy tried to find a jumper with patches, picked up the pointer and helped some environmental politics students come to grips with carbon farming and the travails for indigenous projects in a University of Melbourne guest lectu


sustainable development goals workshop / MELBOURNE, australia / May 6 - 7

Rowan gave voice to Aboriginal concerns at this workshop facilitated by the Monash Sustainability Institute to develop Australia's response to implementing the sustainable development goals. The workshop statement noted the over-arching priority of addressing disadvantage in indigenous communities.



The AbCF crew teamed up with the Kowanyama project to wow the summit with their story of building a ranger team in the 1990s and developing a savanna project to commercialise their work. Rowan also put in a star performance steering the voluntary market session.


Central land council WORKSHOP / alice springs, australia / May 1

Rowan and Jeremy took the challenge of presenting on carbon farming in the drier environment of central Australia at the Central Land Council. Lots of interest in learning about this new tool in the toolkit and interesting test drive of SavBAT2 (the savanna burning tool).



Rowan took the North Queensland Land Council across an Aboriginal carbon guide looking at pathways for Aboriginal carbon farming in north Queensland.


INSTITUTE OF FORESTERS CONFERENCE / cresswick, australia / Apr 13 - 15

Daryl will use his 25 years of forest experience to bring together our roles on a new forest standard for Australia and carbon farming on Aboriginal land at the ANZIF 2015 Beyond Tenure forestry conference.


GULF FUTURES / cairns, australia / Mar 31

aryl led on emerging environmental economies at this Gulf Futures day hosted by Northern Gulf NRM.


nsw carbon workshop / sydney, australia / Mar 26

Jeremy was in Sydney to help with a carbon workshop by our friends at Muru Mittigar. Our group had an interesting discussion pulling together the story for NSW and how land managers can build in carbon farming to their work.


KOWANYAMA FIELD TRIP / Kowanyama, australia / Feb 23 - 24

The AbCF team headed off to Kowanyama to help the project team on the ground review the project to date and plan for the long term future. You can see our adventures here. Lucky it was a dry wet so not too many puddles!


girringun ipa meeting / cardwell, australia / Dec 11 - 12

As part of ongoing work with Girringun, Daryl attended their Indigenous Protected Area meeting and offered his 20 years of experience in land management and carbon projects.


northern gulf / mareeba, australia / Dec 8

Rowan and Daryl met up with the Northern Gulf Natural Resource Management group to talk about putting carbon and climate into their regional management plan.


NQLC economic development workshop / cairns, australia / Dec 4 - 5

Rowan shared the year's work on the carbon scene at an economic development workshop put on by the North Queensland Land Council.


gubinge master growers course / broome, australia / Dec 1 - 5

Daryl soaked up the savanna enrichment master growers course put on by the indefatigable Kim Courtenay at the Kimberley Training Institute. Just need the method approved!


Kowanyama workshop / kowanyama, australia / Oct 25 - 27

Rowan and Daryl journeyed to western Cape York to assist Cape York Sustainable Futures develop the Kowanyama savanna project on Oriners and Sefton station.


road to paris / sydney, australia / Oct 9

Jeremy attended an update on international negotiations leading up to Paris from a host of luminaries arranged by the Carbon Market Institute.


Djungan site visit / mareeba, australia / Sep 12

Rowan took some traditional owners out to Kondaperinga Station to have have a look at Djungan country and talk carbon farming.


Government meetings / canberra, australia / Sep 9

The team made the case to continue support for Aboriginal jobs on country through carbon farming over meetings with the Department of the Environment, the Clean Energy Regulator and the Minister for the Environment.


Fair Carbon workshop / MELBOURNE, australia / Jul 29

Fair Carbon workshop no 2 was held in Melbourne in July. With many on the floor and on the phone, the workshop agreed a number of working groups to build on outcomes and to come together before the end of the year.


Senate Inquiry / canberra, australia / Jul 1

Rowan and Jeremy appeared at the Senate Inquiry into the CFI Amendment Bill 2014. AbCF was flying the flag for savanna burning and other Aboriginal carbon farming projects and trying to make the case that these long term land projects need a continuity of support to make them successful.


Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training / melbourne, australia / Jun 27 - 29

Jeremy brushed up his climate savvy at the Climate Reality Project training led by Al Gore!


Kowanyama workshop / cairns, australia / Jun 12 - 13

Rowan and director Allan helped to run a planning and governance workshop for the Kowanyama carbon farming project on Oriners and Sefton station in north Queensland.


National Native Title Conference / Coffs Harbour, australia / Jun 2 - 4

The annual native title conference - this year's themed "Living with native title - from the bush to the sea" was held in Coffs Harbour this year. In a carbon session, the AbCF team presented on trading Fair Carbon style and how projects are navigating the difficulties of land tenure. But it was the delegation from the Kimberley who stole the show with their 4 recently credited projects.


UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Workshop / MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / May 19 - 20

Rowan participated in discussions at this UN and Monash Sustainability Institute workshop on sustainable development goals for Australia.


CMI Emissions Reduction Summit and Marketplace / melbourne, australia / May 5 - 6

AbCF hit the CMI Summit 2014 with force. Bringing in crews from the Kimberley and Cape York, we wowed the summit with real stories of Aboriginal carbon farming in action. Rowan also presented on a Fair Carbon system so carbon farmers can work together.


Rowan and Jeremy presented on options for carbon plays by native title corporations in north Queensland and the latest developments in this fluid environment. / cairns, australia / Mar 4 - 5

Rowan and Jeremy presented on options for carbon plays by native title corporations in north Queensland and the latest developments in this fluid environment.


CFI Legal Guide workshop / MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / Feb 27

Jeremy attended this boffins workshop by legal firm Norton Rose Fullbright on a legal guide they have prepared on the finer points of the CFI and the parameters of legal contracts covering carbon deals.


Savanna methodology workshop / DARWIN, AUSTRALIA / Feb 13

The Australian Government Department of the Environment ran a workshop in Darwin on developments with further savanna methodologies - both for lower rainfall and for sequestration. Very enlivening and optimistic. Jeremy contributed a presentation on carbon projects and Indigenous land tenure.


Fair Carbon workshop / MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / Jan 30

bCF hosted around 20 Indigenous and corporate carbon players to talk about an innovative system for selling carbon credits in uncertain times. With talks from Tim Flannery (Climate Council), Emma Herd (Westpac) and Neil Salisbury (Net Balance) it certainly was an interesting day.


Torres Strait Regional Authority Sea Forum / CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA / Jan 22 - 24

Rowan gave a presentation developments on blue carbon (carbon project in the sea) around the world and in Australia and posed some of the challenges to realising a methodology


Government meetings / canberra, australia / Dec 10

The team rounded out the travelling year with a number of meetings with the Department of the Environment and Parliamentarians including the Minister.


Carbon Expo 2013 / melbourne, australia / Dec 2 - 4

Rowan spoke on savanna enrichment as part of the methodology panel. Had a great three days talking and speaking to a range of players from the carbon sector. More of a collegiate atmosphere than years gone by. You can check out our blogs on the Direct Action panel and the Minister.


Alinytjara Wilurara NRM carbon workshop / adelaide, australia / Nov 22

Jeremy participated in a regional carbon workshop in Adelaide arranged by the Alinytjara Wilurara National Resource Management group and the SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. This was an innovative idea by the groups to gather a range of industry experts in one room to help devise a plan to think about the opportunities for carbon. Plenty of food for thought. The Alinytjara Wilurara NRM area covers the western third of SA.


Carbon financial markets course / melbourne, australia / Nov 19 - 13

Jeremy continued his foray into carbon financial markets at another module run by Australian Financial Markets Association. Now to the study!


Direct Action workshop / canberra, australia / Nov 12

Jeremy participated in a workshop on the design of the Emissions Reduction Fund run by the Department of the Environment in Canberra. Now to write the submission!


kimberley country / broome, australia / Nov 7 - 8

Rowan and Allister were talking carbon agribusiness and how to make a short film about the savanna enrichment story with various groups in Broome.


Carbon Market Institute Working Group / melbourne, australia / Oct 24

Jeremy participated in a CMI Working Group meeting with the Hon Greg Hunt MP. The Minister tabled this paper and the Working Group asked a series of questions about the paper and the design of the Emissions Reduction Fund.


Badjuballa site visit / mt garnet, australia / Oct 15

Rowan, Jeremy and Allister drove the winding track out to Badjuballa Station to have a chat about carbon farming and have a look around the property. There might be some opportunities to help sacred sites with carbon farming.


Clean Energy Regulator from plan to practice savanna workshop / darwin, australia / Oct 2

Rowan and Allister attended this workshop to learn about the Regulator's perspective on savanna projects and talk to plenty of folk as well. Rowan gave a presentation on selling savanna in the marketplace.


Regional planning workshop / Rockhampton, australia / Sep 20 - 21

Rowan helped facilitate the Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee planning on how to manage country for the future in the Fitzroy Basin. Jeremy chipped in with an introductory session on climate change and carbon including an account of the changes currently taking place. Hosted by the Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee on behalf of traditional owners in the Rockhampton region.


Savanna enrichment field trip / broome, australia / Sep 12

Rowan, Jeremy and Allister checked out the progress on the savanna enrichment methodology plots on the sunny north-west coast. Kim Courtenay at the Kimberley Training Institute showed us around and we held a planning session to discuss next steps.


Twin Hills field trip / darwin, australia / Sep 10

Rowan, Jeremy and Allister had an interesting visit out with the traditional owners and managers of Twin Hills Station south of Darwin. Plenty of cattle on the floodplains, crocs in the river and a few burning patches too!


Carbon financial markets course / sydney, australia / Aug 13

Allister and Jeremy tuned up their carbon market skills at the specialist module run by Australian Financial Markets Association. Plenty of carbon farming players in attendance - a good sign for the upskilling of the industry.


DOIC Forum / melbourne, australia / Jul 25

Rowan and Jeremy attended a session on the methodology development process by the Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Climate Change.


ATNS Symposium 2013 / melbourne, australia / Jun 25 - 26

Jeremy attended the Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements Symposium on Indigenous Peoples, Economic Empowerment and Agreements with Extractive Industries held at the University of Melbourne.


Native Title Conference 2013 / alice springs, australia / Jun 3 - 5

Rowan presented as part of a carbon panel at the Native Title Conference in Alice Springs. Rowan and Jeremy both attended.


Kimberley Ranger Forum / Gambanan, AUSTRALIA / May 23

Kimberley Land Council hosted a ranger forum showcasing the great work rangers have done at Gambanan on the Dampier Peninsula in WA. Rowan attended and discussed the carbon projects being developed in the Kimberley.


Djungan carbon workshop / mareeba, australia / May 12 - 14

Rowan and Jeremy held an introductory workshop with the Djungan traditional owners and conducted a site visit on Kondaperinga Station.


Enrichment methodology workshop / broome, australia / Apr 23

Rowan organised another workshop to progress work on the enrichment methodology in Broome. Around 12 experts participated in the workshop covering how the methodology works, what further research steps are required and a site visit to the Balu Buru Training and Research Centre where there is a trial plot.


Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee forum / Queensland, Australia / Apr 15

Rowan gave an introductory presentation on carbon farming agribusiness to this regional forum.


Regional carbon workshop / Georgetown, australia / Apr 9

Rowan and Jeremy ran a climate change and carbon workshop over 2 days for traditional owners in the Einasleigh Bioregion around Georgetown. Loved the evening videos under the stars! Hosted by North Queensland Land Council.


Regional carbon workshop / ingham, australia / Nov 27 - 28

Rowan and Jeremy delivered a climate change and carbon farming workshop for traditional owners in the Ingham region. Hosted by North Queensland Land Council.


National Indigenous Adaptation Workshop / Echuca, australia / Nov 14 - 15

Rowan participate in this national workshop to look at adaptation actions going on around the country. Jeremy also presented in his role with the Australian Government. Organised by Monash University.


Native title legal masterclass / sydney, australia / Oct 18

Rowan tried to unravel Aboriginal land and the CFI with lawyers from around the country in this masterclass workshop run by the Aurora Project. Lucky Emily Gerrard from the National Indigenous Climate Change Project and Jeremy in his role with the Australian Government were there to lend a hand! Around 30 lawyers from representative bodies around the country were taken through different hypothetical projects in different jurisdictions.


Indigenous Roundtable #3 / townsville, australia / Jun 7

Rowan helped to gather around 30 Indigenous representatives from around Australia to negotiate directly with the then Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, the Hon Mark Dreyfus MP QC. Issues discussed included land, methodologies and co-benefits.


Native Title Conference 2012 / townsville, australia / Jun 5 - 6

Rowan presented as part of the carbon panel series at the 2012 conference on developing an Indigenous carbon sector. Jeremy also participated in his role with the Australian Government.


Regional carbon workshop / dubbo, australia / Apr 26

Rowan presented an introductory workshop on climate and carbon to traditional owners in the Dubbo region. The workshop was initiated by passionate local David Towney (RedDust).


Regional carbon workshop / cairns, australia / Mar 29

The Australian Government and the National Indigenous Climate Change Project jointly held a workshop on the Carbon Farming Initiative and co-benefits arising from carbon projects. Rowan provided an industry perspective and Jeremy participated for the Australian Government. Other presenters included Sue Salvin (GHD) on case studies and Cathy Robinson (CSIRO) and Emily Gerrard (National Indigenous Climate Change Project) on co-benefits. About 30 participants were from the Cairns and Cape York regions.


UN Indigenous Mitigation Workshop / cairns, australia / Mar 26 - 28

The UN University workshop on Indigenous Climate Change Mitigation was attended by about 70 delegates from across the globe to look at how Indigenous knowledge and practices is informing climate change mitigation. Rowan presented on the work to develop an Indigenous carbon sector in Australia. Jeremy helped UN University to arrange the workshop in his role with the Australian Government.


Indigenous Land Management Conference / perth, australia / Mar 21 - 22

Rowan offered a key carbon workshop at the Indigenous Land Management Conference 2012 to delegates over in Perth.


Enrichment methodology workshop / canberra, australia / Jan 31

Rowan arranged a one day workshop with about 10 key industry players to discuss the options and further research required for an enrichment methodology based around the gubinge tree or Kakadu plum.


ndigenous Roundtable #2 / melbourne, australia / Aug 4

The Australian Government coordinated another roundtable chaired by the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, the Hon Mark Dreyfus MP QC, to discuss issues in the land consultation paper. Rowan helped to organise the Indigenous delegates through briefings prior to the roundtable.


Indigenous Roundtable #1 / Canberra, australia / Jun 8

The Australian Government convened a roundtable of Indigenous delegates from around the country chaired by the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, the Hon Mark Dreyfus MP QC. The roundtable discussed land issues associated with the draft CFI legislation, especially around native title. Rowan provided a strong voice for the Indigenous sector at the roundtable.


Native Title Conference 2011 / brisbane, australia / Jun 2 - 3

With the CFI legislation in Parliament, the conference added a carbon panel to the program. Rowan gave an overview of the challenges for the Indigenous carbon sector, including the need for proper industry standards, to the well attended session of around 100 people.


National Indigenous Climate Change Forum / alice springs, australia / Mar 30 - 31

Rowan spearheaded with the National Indigenous Climate Change Project collecting key Indigenous voices at a national forum to consider developments on the Carbon Farming Initiative and get involved in the conversation. Around 30 delegates from around the country participated issuing a communique at the conclusion calling for more proactive participation of Indigenous people in the development of carbon markets.


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